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WYNN Tip: Scanning in WYNN

To scan a page or document, click the Scan button from the blue tool bar.

While the page is being scanned, a dialog box informs you that WYNN is processing the page. To interrupt scanning, you can press the Cancel button on this dialog box. There may be a slight delay before WYNN interrupts the scanning process. Once scanning is done, WYNN displays the scanned page on your screen in Text View. Click the Exact View button to see an exact image of the original page.

Scan Menu (ALT+S).

This menu lets you control how WYNN scans and displays the page after scanning it.

Scan and Insert New Page (Scan Menu item) (I).

Select this menu item to scan a page and have it inserted before the page where the cursor is currently located. WYNN lets you insert a new scanned page into any document, including a word processing file that was opened in WYNN.

Scan and Replace Current Page (Scan Menu item) (R).

Select this menu item when you are in a scanned document, to scan a page and have it replace the current scanned page. This option is useful if you are reading a scanned document and come to a page that contains many recognition errors. Scan and Replace Current Page lets you re-scan that page and put it in the right place in your document. You may wish to adjust contrast or other scanning settings prior to re-scanning the page.

In addition to the items on the Scan menu, WYNN provides a number of other ways to modify the scanning process.

OCR Correction (Advanced menu)

Use this to have WYNN automatically correct recognition errors.

Scanning Settings (Settings menu)

Set up batch scanning, change contrast settings, and modify other settings that fine tune the scanning process.

Dynamic Zoning (Advanced menu)

Dynamic zoning lets you change the reading order on any page. You can also use Dynamic Zoning to have WYNN ignore areas of a page, such as page numbers and diagrams, that you don’t want spoken. See the Dynamic Zoning tip sheet for more details.

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