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WYNN Tip: Custom Tool Bar — Studying

Image of WYNN's Custom Studying Tool bar

The "Studying" Custom Tool Bar may be used to facilitate vocabulary development, creation of study guides, and may be used to reinforce comprehension.

Image of WYNN's Read button The Read button lets you see and hear the text at the same time.

Image of WYNN's Dictionary button The Dictionary is used to look up words in the text. Definitions can be copied from the Dictionary directly into the document, or into a (text) Note.

Image of WYNN's Highlight button The Highlight button is used to highlight vocabulary words or important passages.

Image of WYNN's List button The List button is used to excerpt highlighted text into a separate document to create a separate vocabulary list, or a document with just the most relevant information.

Image of WYNN's Note button The (text) Note is used to imbed a hidden note in the document. A definition can be pasted from the Dictionary into a (text) Note, thus “hiding” this information until it is requested.

Image of WYNN's Voice Note button The Voice Note is used to summarize, paraphrase, or use a word in your own sentence.

Image of WYNN's Cut and Paste button The Cut/Paste button is used to move text from one location to another. For example, additional information can be copied from the original document to the “List” that has been created. Also, definitions that have been copied from the Dictionary can be pasted next to vocabulary words to create a glossary.

Image of WYNN's File List button The File List button allows you to see a list of all open documents, and to easily move from one document to another.


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