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WYNN Tip: Learning Vocabulary with WYNN (Pink Tool Bar)

1. Get the vocabulary words into WYNN (scan them, type them, or highlight them in an existing document and create a separate List)

2. Use WYNN’s Dictionary to look up the definition.

a. Use the Read > button to hear the definition.
b. If there is a word in the definition that needs to be defined, double click on it.
c. Close the Dictionary when done with the word.

3. Move to the next word and repeat.

Additional Activities:

1. Paste a definition from the Dictionary into the document

a. Select a definition from the Dictionary, then click the “Copy to Clipboard” button and Close the dictionary.
b. Put the cursor where you want to paste the text, then do one of the following:

i. Use the Copy/Paste button
ii. Use a right mouse click, then choose Paste
iii. Select Paste from the Edit menu
iv. Use the Paste shortcut command, Ctrl V

2. Create a Text Note with the definition*

a. Click on the Text Note button and paste the definition into it, or
b. type in your own definition using vocabulary at the student’s level
*(This is a great way to “hide” the definition until it’s requested with a double-click on the notepad icon that has been inserted.)

3. Use WYNN’s Voice Note to record a sentence using the word.

Note: If you wish, you can create a Custom Tool Bar (refer to the “Custom Tool Bar” tip sheet) with just the buttons a student needs for this activity (i.e. Read, Dictionary, Copy/Paste, Voice Note, Text Note).


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