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WYNN Tip: Teaching Your Word Prediction New Vocabulary

You want your students to be able to read about a topic, then write about the topic. You want word prediction to make suggestions of words so that your students can focus on getting their ideas down on paper, regardless of their ability to spell the specialized vocabulary for this topic area.

  1. Bring text into WYNN by scanning it, copying and pasting it from the Internet, or opening an existing file.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu and choose Word Prediction Teacher Controls.
  3. Click the Word Prediction Learning Text tab.
  4. Click the Current Document button.
  5. The text from your open document will be added to the Word Prediction vocabulary of the logged in user.
  6. Open a New file, click the Write button to enter edit mode, and start writing about the subject.

You can increase the probability of this specialized vocabulary appearing in the prediction box by turning on Word Prediction, and then typing a word or phrase several times. For example, if you want the phrase "United States" to appear more frequently, type that phrase several times. Since the word prediction module is "learning" the text, it will have more examples of the word "States" following the word "United."

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